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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 22, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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ain. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> a local math teacher known for being strict is under arrest tonight. police say he had a computer filled with child pornography. >> tonight shocked add strayeders -- administrators parents and students are trying to figure out what to do days before the start of a school year. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. >> 58-year-old teacher mitchell wolf is accused of possessing child pornography. >> alyssa harrington is live at diablo vista middle school. what are students and parents saying? >> people are very surprised. mr. wolf has a rep pew -- reputation for being strict and playing by the rules and now he is in jail on $1 million bail. 58-year-old mitchell wolf was
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arrested early on friday morning. the internet crimes task force served a search warrant at the danville home. the teacher was booked on charges of possession of child pornography. >> we were shocked and saddened to hear about the arrest. >> the spokesman for the unified school district says they seized computers from wolf's classroom. he was employed as a math teacher since 2002. >> we have no reason to believe that any of our students are involved in these allegations. >> i was shocked. i wasn't expecting it from him. >> they had him as a teacher and soccer coach. >> i will hope for the best for him. it is a tough situation for him and his family. >> the principal alerted parents through e-mail saying students and staff may be interviewed as the investigation moves forward. >> this is a teacher that we trusted and we know nothing other than good things about.
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and to not pass judgment until we know more. >> he has been placed on administrative leave and a substitute will teach his class. the first day of school is on monday. not the way they want to start the school year, but they are working to make it as normal as possible. in danville, alyssa harrington, abc news. >> tonight a business that helps people with disabilities finds themselves in need. a fire destroyed donations and three trucks used to collect the items. sergio is live from the scene of the fire with the latest. >> ama, this is a fire that was pretty well contained, but cause i had a good amount of damage. you can see the burnt out shell of a delivery truck and a lot of the donated items inside also destroyed. the fire started around 4:30, but since it is a friday a lot of the employees decided to go home early which was good. that meant they were not in danger and it did not turn out
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to hurt anyone. >> flames quickly tore through a donation store of for hope services, an agency that helps people with disabilities. he says people at a nearby mosque quickly tried to make sure no one was in danger. >> everyone was scared because there is a children's playground here. we were trying to get the kids out to a safe place in the parking lot. >> no one was injured. this was a single alarm call, but because the flames were fueled by clothes and electronics it took teams 45 minutes to snuff it out. firefighters remained on scene to make sure there were no flare ups. fire investigators say they do not suspect criminal activity. >> nothing we would describe as suspicious, just under investigation right now until we can determine a point of origin and a cause. there is no indications of any criminal activity or anything like that. it was pretty normally reported. >> three delivery trucks were
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destroyed in the fire. you can see the burnt out shells among the vehicles. the trucks are an integral part of the operation. >> i think if people are well aware of our trucks that go around and collect discarded items, and we collect them and help put people to work who have disabilities and who might not otherwise have jobs. >> they are trying to determine how the services are affected by the fire. in santa clara, abc7 news. >> if you would like to help hope services replace the lost trucks we have put information on our website, a three-alarm fire kept crews busy for hours. sky 7hd was up over the scene. the fire broke out around 3:00 p.m. in a recycling yard of a metal company. the highly flammable material sent up smoke seen for miles.
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there are no reports of injuries. a state senator takes responsibility for his actions after he was arrested for dui in sacramento. ben jueso was pulled down foregoing the wrong way -- for going the wrong way down a one-way street. this is the chp officer pulling him over and giving him a field sobriety test. last night another lawmaker posted this photo on twitter showing jueso and other lawmakers drinking in the state capitol. classes at san jose state start on monday, but mold has found its way into one building. mold is spreading through the school of journalism and communications building and some floors have started to buckle. the school's director tells our media partner that the mold is mostly in the eastern half of the building which has more offices than classrooms. classes are scheduled for this
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semester. concord police are asking people to be on the lookout for a car burglar. it shows a guy walking up to the car on olive drive and opening the door without a key. the owner insists it wassing lod. he may pea using a scaner box that meme micks the -- mimics the key fab. it did not go off until the owner started the car this morning. there a new warning to businesses about hackers stealing credit and debit card information. the government told more than 1,000 retailers to scan their systems for malware called back off. the first warning came last month when dhs warned companies that most programs can't detect back off. they say this is the reason for the attack on target stores. crews are rushing to replace the sod at levi stadium before the 49er game this sunday. the new field may be fleeting. sky 7hd was there as workers tore out the turf, and today they were putting in new
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grass. a permanent solution is being studied, meaning this field may not last either. they will rip it up again. either way the turf trouble is not a concern for coach harbaugh. >> weary fitting -- we are refitting and regrouping and retooling. we can count on them to do things at the highest level. >> they are hopeful the sod will be in place and ready this weekend. more evidence this field may be temporary, two high school games scheduled for the stadium's friday night lights event next week have been post toned. wilcox high school and concord de la salle will host games in october. disaster in the skies. what happened to the high-tech rocket just moments a after liftoff. >> and the booming business behind burning man. why millionaires are changing the face of the festival. >> and a dream come true. the big day for a bride who
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thought she might not make it down the aisle. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. here is how your weekend will start off. foggy and drizzly in some areas. i will let you know how the rest of the weekend is shaping up. first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a sample of what we have in store for you tonight. bulldog: it's true! i am a bundle of talent!
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self-destructing above the test site this afternoon moments after liftoff. the rocket was unmanned and no one on the ground was hurt. the computer detected a problem and so it blew itself up. y -- elan-musk tweeted that it terminated during test flight. no injuries or near injuries. rockets are tricky. a new law lets pet owners in california dine with their dogs on restaurant patios. it allows pet owners bring their dogs to outdoor dining areas. it is currently illegal, although many bay areas are
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open. >> it is okay as long as the dog has a responsible owner. they have things they can't control. >> the new law doesn't require permits for pooches on the patio. it impose into affect on -- it goes into affect on january 1st. >> air conditioning in the middle of of the desert. a king size bed when most sleep in tents. those are some of the criticisms of those who fly into burning man and sleep in luxury rv's. the festival starts on sundae. here is tiffany wilson on why it may not be as inclusive as it claims. >> it boasts more square footage than many apartments along with a kitchen and washer and dryer and king size bed and air conditioning. >> brand new this would have been close to $400,000. >> a silicon valley executive rented the rv for burning n ma.
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he will drive it out and set it up and wait for the mystery man to helicopter in. the price tag for the week? $20,000. >> incredible for a week in the desert. >> for a week in the desert in comfort, luxury and style. >> it is that luxury and style some dislike. this is the ultimate destruction of the ultimate burning man. those dropping big bucks don't get it. >> part of the experience is dealing with the dust and figuring out how to camp and bringing your own water. >> burning man's first principal is radical inclusion saying anyone can be a part of burning man and no prerequisites exist. >> at the end of the day, remember what the event is really about is how you do it. >> this seven-time burner sees a a connection between the tech elite and burning man and even crediting the desert festival with helping techies network and tap into their
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creative energy. burning man benefits from techs' involvement. >> there are lots of workers involve in making this art. they help fund it and weld it and they participate in it. >> ultimately that's what matters and it is not the size of the rv. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> i had the opportunity to meet an incredible san ramon woman in may. a loyal volunteer for the american cancer society, she is fighting cancer herself. back when i met hershey had one wish -- her she had one wish, to marry her sweetheart and tonight that wish came true. >> ♪ let me know that you need me ♪ >> the baide walked down the aisle at the san ramon golf club to marry her fiancee. it was a day she did not know if she would live to see. this wedding day was truly a
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dream come true. >> i was relieved it was here and i was happy. >> sealed with a kiss, the couple knows this day was made possible thanks to generous people and strangers who donated money and services to make it happen. >> it is great to know there are people out there with huge hearts. they actually care about people they don't even know. >> it is surprising how many people came out of the woodwork to make this day a day we will never forget. >> back when i met hershey couldn't do a lot of walking. she worked on strengthening her legs so she could actually walk down the aisle. congratulations to them. what a wonderful day. >> she looked beautiful, stunning. she walked right down that aisle. great story. >> and perfect weather for it. >> it was nice outside. sandhya patel, particularly in
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the east bay. >> just for sharice, dan and ama. that was a a great story. looking at live doppler hd, we are looking at the fog. that's the coast. it has pushed in over the bay. it has deepened to over 2,000 feet now. we will get a pretty good push going inland. the high temperatures made it to the 60s to the upper 80s. a nice looking day. we are watching the tropics heating up. in the pacific we have three storms, tropical storm marie, newly formed and tropical storm lowell and hurricane karina. it has been more of an active season in the pacific than the atlantic. i want to tell you that the storms will continue to generate the southerly swell. the swell expected to continue along the coastline. be careful out there. if you decide to go out sealing or on the water, a high surf advisory for the southern california beaches. the south swell could raise the risk of rip currents. high surf advisory until sunday. here is the view and the
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temperatures are in the low 60s from san francisco to oakland and san jose. 59 in half moon bay. a view from our kgo roof camera, low clouds across the bay. temperatures in the 60s except santa rosa and novato in the 50s. pretty comfortable. visibility is fine and here is a look at the forecast. low clouds and fog. spotty morning drizzle and we are looking at mild conditions for the upcoming weekend. the low cloudiness and fog will be pushing well inland tomorrow morning. if your kids have games it will be back to schooltime. there will be patchy morning drizzle and the fields could be on the wet side. if you start off with a walk it will be sunny and warm inland as the unmentioned was particularly nice in the east bay. the morning whoas will begin in the mid50s to the low
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60s with the southerly wind and keeping it on the mild side for many areas. for the afternoon, pate 2 in the south bay and san jose,73 santa cruz and 80 in sunnyville. we are look at 75 in redwood city and mid60s near the coast and some fog will stay hugging the coast. 68 downtown san francisco. north bay communities, 60s on the coast and 90s in you -- ukiah. in the east bay73 in oakland. inland spots on the warm side. 85 livermore and 84 walnut creek and the niners are taking on the chargers this sunday. the computer models are going for more warming. upper 70s to low 80s. uv index high. take the sunscreen. it gets hotter than candlestick. accu-weather seven-day forecast, a little warmer tomorrow. excuse me on sunday. cooler on monday.
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lowe to mid-nineties by midweek and 70s along the coast. tomorrow breast cancer challenge and dan will be there with his band push performing and it should be great weather. >> a great day and help people come out and join us. >> it is time to turn to sports. >> the raiders to talk about. > it wasn't so good. the third pre-season game supposed to be gearing up. he said his defense dominated the line of scrimmage except for one play. did the raiders take a step back in green bay? it sure looked like
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dennis alan wanted to see his first team defense halt drives and the offense find a rhythm. neither happened tonight in
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green bay. the packers march down the field and score a touchdown. maurice jones-drew answered on third and two and breaks through the line of scrimmage. aaron rogers with a pair of touchdown passes in the first half. major de nelson on -- a jordy nelson pushes aside kerry. moore left on a stretcher and gave the thumbs up. a neck strain and he left on the team playing. schaub wraps up and fumbles and neil picks up the tackle. he later leaves with an ankle injury. schaub getting help at times. he normally catches the ball. schaub 13 of 27 and 110 yards and a turnover. a couple of late touchdown passes. made it look respectable to green bay. the 31-21 victory. the temporary turf is in for niners-chargers game. they hillary move it and put it back next week.
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that means a high school double header next friday has been canceled. wilcox high will host manteca while de la salle and jesuit high will look for a new venue. the event will happen, but it is will be october 10th and 11th with four teams added to allow for double headers on both days. he is the a's offensive engine. when he goes so does oakland. he was running good tonight.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the last 10 and the an a gels were off a four-game sweep from boston. who can finish? that's the question. a's are two back as they open a three-game set.
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trying to drop a curve ball set. number 28 on the season for him. after an eight for 73 slump, coco crisp has six hits in the last four games. that's a good sign and so is that. answers with one of his own. 2-2 in the 6th. the stanford man to the gap. racing around from first and beat the throw. 3-2a's. insurance run here and a solo blast to right. his 9th of the year. angels made it interesting. they pull within a game of l.a. in the west. giants starting a three-game series. a big night for joe panic. a three-run jack to center. first career homer. he is hitting a three-team. two for five with his 15th of the year. the giants blow it open late and they win it 10-3. they stay a half game ahead of
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atlanta. victorious. >> except for the raiders. >> except for the raiders. >> thanks very much. ♪oh yeah... old el paso 's got bold, new stand n stuff shells. that's blasted for nacho cheesiness. oh, yeah! how do you helper?


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